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My 6 Most Favorite Market Munchies


I always love to talk about foods. I love to eat, that's why. I can't talk like a food critic, though. Guessing ingredients really is not my speciality. ^^'

Indonesian traditional market snacks, or jajanan pasar in Bahasa, is various snacks that—as the name stated—are sold in traditional market, although they are sold at booth too nowadays, make it easier to buy them. Some people called them market munchies.

Some snacks are savoury, and a lot of them are sweet. The ingredients that often used to make them are rice flour, glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and coconut sugar. They make the snacks taste so special. The method of cooking is either steamed, baked, or fried.

There are a lot of varieties of market munchies. Putu Mayang, Kue Cucur, Lapis Legit, Sosis Solo, Lemper, Nagasari, Risol, Onde-Onde, Klepon, and many more. Not less than 30, they can make you full eating 10 of them ((of course!)).

If you ask me, I can say for sure that I like them all. But to make it short (and not to make me bigger), I will talk about six market munchies I can't resist.

Why six? It's simply because I like number six. So trivial, all right. *biggrin

1. Kue Lumpur

But it's not like what you imagine.

Kue Lumpur is a sweet, yellow snack made from potato, coconut milk, and egg, blended together until smooth, poured onto a brass or aluminium concave mold (usually 4 concave per mold), and then baked on the stove. For the finishing, people usually put a raisin on the middle of the surface.

It is soft, moist, and not too sweet. The combination of potato and egg make this snack fluffy, easy to eat. The raisin on the middle is contrast with the snack. I really can't resist this!

2. Pastel

Pastel is a savoury snack made from pie crust, filled with diced carrots and potatoes, rice vermicelli, and boiled egg. The shape is similar with Malaysian Karipap (Curry Puff) but Pastel is not using curry spice in it.

This fried snack is so delicious. The filling is sauted with simple spices (grounded shallot, garlic, and a pinch of salt), but perfect to be combined with the thin pie crust. I love the crispy spiral(?) part, I always save it for the last *giggle

Don't mistake the name with pastel as for a color pallette, because they are different. Of course. ✌

3. Dadar Gulung

Foto: Dokpri.

Sweetened grated coconut (called Unti in Indonesia) rolled into a green-colored omelette. This simple snack is always be my favorite.

The omelette is made from flour and coconut milk, and colored with food coloring, usually green. It tastes a little bit salty, or sometimes plain. The filling is sweet, so they blend well together.

The scent of Pandan Leaves used to cook Unti makes me happy and relax. It's good to have a bite of Dadar Gulung after doing some daily chores.

Mbak Diah's:

4. Semar Mendem

Again with rolled omelette, but this one is savoury. Oh, how I love omelette!

Sticky rice filled with shredded chicken, and then roll it into a sheet of yellow omelette. If you remove the omelette and wrap it with banana leaves, you will get Lemper, another market munchies. Yeah, the two of the is basically the same. What makes them different is the wrapper.

Semar Mendem is often decorated with pandan leaf that is cut like letter V. You can't eat it, of course.

I prefer this one over Lemper, because I can eat the wrapper. But unfortunately, Semar Mendem is not as easy to find as Lemper.

5. Kue Sus

Kue Sus is a snack made from choux pastry batter filled with vanilla custard. This is similar with Cream Puff, but Cream Puff is filled with cream.

The puff is empty in the middle, so we can fill the puff with a lot of vanilla custard. The custard is sweet, creamy, and a bit yellowish.

It tastes great, I can eat five kue sus myself!

6. Bolu Kukus

Foto: Dokpri.

Bolu kukus means Steamed Cake in English, but not like typical Steamed Cake that is the moist version of Baked Cake. This one is cup-sized like cupcakes, but the surface is blooming(?).

Bolu kukus is usually colored red, brown, and green using food coloring. A cup contains two colors, white (the original batter) and the other color. They are poured by turns. When the cake is ready, we can see beautiful pattern on it.

This tastes like typical steamed cake, but I can't ignore the unique shape. I were enjoying myself when I eat it. I eat the 'petals' first, and then eat the rest of the cake.


Fancy, modern snacks are always seem so delicious, but I can never resist the simpleness of traditional snacks, whatever is it.

Ah, now my mouth is watery. I can't wait to have another bites of market munchies.

Do you have favorite market munchies too? Which ones, and why? Tell me! ^^
I will gladly read your story.

See you!

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  1. Masya Allah, I love pastel too, Mbak. And I also love kue lumpur. I always remember my younger years everytime I eat or see kue lumpur. On eof my neighbor bake the cake and my mom usually bought the cakes when there was a neighbor meeting (aka arisan)at home.


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