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My Siblings


Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1438 H!
I know it's too late to say this, but I hope you had a great Eid Al-Fitr celebration. ^^

Me and Mbak Diah would like to talk about siblings for English Collaborative Blogging this week.

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I have three siblings. An older brother; the oldest one, an older sister, and a little brother. I will talk about them one by one :D

My older brother is a freelance programmer. We are 11 years apart. His face structure and skin tone is like our mother, but tall like our father.
When I were six years old, I always getting excited whenever he turned on a PC or a Play Station. I would sit near him to watch him play some games, no matter what genre was it. Sometimes I asked about this and that.

I learned a lot from him how to play games. He didn't teach me like a teacher, of course. All he did was playing, and I sat beside him, watching how he play them, and then practicing. I am not a pro gamer although I play so much games until now. Just a decent one. But I love playing games.

When our father couldn't escort me to go to some places, but he couldn't let me go by myself either, my brother will escort me instead. He sometimes patted my head, just like how our father did to me, and I were glad when he did.

He got married more than ten years ago, has four children, and they are all so adorable, maa syaa Allah. ^^

Read Mbak Diah's:

Next, my older sister.

I am 8 years younger than her, but  seems like twins. She is the closest sibling I have. She is a housewife, just like me, and she has three children.

I always think of myself as her shadow. I love what she loves, technically. We both love to go to a bookstore and collect stationeries, eventhough what we collect is different. We also like to do some crafting. Her skill is crochetting, and mine is folding origamis. We are afraid of a same insect. xD

I admire her so much. She is so skilled when it comes to crafting. Drawing, crochetting, cross-stitching, cutting and folding, she did them all nicely.

She also good in Math and loves puzzles. Her favorite game is Tetris. I often asked her to finish a puzzle I can't finish. She really is a smart woman.

She likes to play games like me. Four of us do. Her game preferences are puzzles, simulations, and time managements. Whenever I found a new game on one of that genres, she said she had played it, so I can ask her about many things in the game.

Ever since she got married, I felt a little bit lonely, especially when she had a baby. She would be too busy to hear me. She lived quite far from me, too, I can only meet her once every two or three months. But it's okay now. She seems so happy, and I am happy to have some cute nephews. ^^

Credit: Pixabay

My little brother is the youngest among us. He was an unpredicted child, because they thought I am the last one, and my mother have him when she was more than 40 years old. A risky pregnant, I would say.

There are 6 years gap between us. We were always fighting back then, just like my older brother and sister, who only 3 years apart. I bet our mother had a headache everytime we did. We are so sorry, Mom. *Cry

He loves to play RPG (Role-Playing Game), just like me. This is our favorite game genre, although he loves action RPG and I love turn-based one. He often watch me playing some RPGs, and vice versa.

We liked to discuss about games everytime we meet, and when we do, our sister would say, "here they go again, excitedly talking about games."  :D

There's something unique about him. He looked so beautiful when I put hijab on him (don't try this at home! xD) a long time ago. The cause was his curved eyelashes. Nobody in my family had curved eyelashes, as far as I know. Ah, my 7 years old nephew had them, too. His mother even mistook him with his sister once, when he playfully wore his sister's hijab.

My siblings are the best siblings I've ever had, although they are not flawless. I am grateful I have them. I hope they feel the same. :)

How about you? Do you have siblings, or someone you considered as your sibling? I would like to read your story about them. Or do you want to make a blog post, so that you can write more about them? Please let us know once you publish it ^^

See you!

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